When you're not there, the tunnel pulses slowly, breathes and attracts you. When you approach it, it meets you and lights up. As you leave the tunnel, it tones down and returns to its slow pulsating again.

The tunnel under Nacka station is not a pleasant place and during the coming years it will be surrounded by construction work as Nacka Stad grows. Through an art installation, using lights the tunnel is transformed into an oasis of light in the time of change.

Inka Lindergård and Niclas Lindergård are the creators and artist behind the concept.

Control Dept. supplied and comissioned a dmx based system and helped with customzing the Reggiani CELLS fixtures with dmx drivers. The dynamic loops are triggered using a sensor in each end of the tunnel.

Main controls: Osram e:cue Sympholight

Light components: Custom Reggiani CELLS

Give us a call if you have a dynamic brain child you want to realize. We are alway happy to help!

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