Text and photos by Light Bureau, read the full story here.

Expectations were high when Oslo Concerthouse announced that they were working with several high profile tenants and well renown architects Spacegroup on the development of Røverstaden, a new house of culture in Vika at the same address as legendary Club7. The new venue would fill all three floors of the building with a wide range of offerings including a new concert venue, three bars, an art gallery, a new restaurant and office space for creatives and startups.

Light Bureau partnered with distributor Rebel Light and lighting designer Kyrre Heldal Karlsen on the project and together developed and delivered an ambitious lighting design for the venue centred around the sculptural and dynamic lighting installation nicknamed ‘Stim’, the Norwegian word for when fish are schooling, a continuous motion reacting to sound and the use of the building. The lighting installation stretches across the three floors of the space with varying density and intensity of light with the light subtly moving and pulsing from entrance to entrance but always from or towards the heart of the building, the concert venue in the basement. The lighting installation is automated for everyday use, but can be controlled directly from the light console at near the concert venue and used as an extension of the stage lighting, or programmed to suit private events taking place in the building.

Røverstaden is an ambitious project and has become an important cultural venue in Oslo that expands the breadth of culture available in the city for people across all age groups.

Main Control: Osram E:cue Sympholight

Control Components: Hofman, Moxa, Swisson

VPN Components: Tosibox

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