The prime generator for the Lighting Scheme, designed by Lighting Design Collective from Madrid, is natural light. We all live and are influenced through it. The relationship of its movement across the sky sets our body clocks. Flowers crane their heads on a daily cycle to maximise its life giving benefits. Natural light is an ambient communicator giving us information about the weather, but importantly also the time of day.

Light changes in intensity, hue and saturation over the day, the Lighting Scheme exploits this natural phenomena leaving a lasting memory stain on those who use the atrium, giving it a night time character that embraces and expresses this natural change.

The system utilises the POET control system and custom made luminaires from Skandal Technologies. Together with Skandal Technologies we have supplied, integrated and programmed this amazing feature, built on the principles of ambient communication. The installation is located in the atrium's at Radisson Blu Scandinavia in Göteborg. It is truly a responsive intervention where the data from natural phenomena generate the complex compositions of colours, speed, movement and intensity of the lights. The POET also provides a cloud based content platform where the operator can generate revenue through experiential branding for their customers.

DVI to eDMX translation: Pharos VLC (supplied by Skandal Technologies)

If you want to know more about our work with ambient communication and dynamic lighting please contact us at any time.

Pictures by Peter Strömblad

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