The installation was a collaboration between Light Bureau and Sandell Sandberg where the aim was to create a “ceiling” for the café to bring the height of the 25m atrium to a more human scale.

Control Departments role was to be Skandal Technologies local partner and the system integrator on site

"Through many sketch iterations, testing material and light we settled on the form that we have to day. The main inspiration for the movement of the content was the organ and ever-changing forms of a flock of birds or school of fish. This is what lead us to use Skandal as this organic content was already part of the system.

The ever-changing impression was important because we didn’t want it to have the feeling that it was on repeat and that people would “learn” the look and feel of the installation. Therefore, we have several data inputs that we use to create the content, time of day, weather, café occupancy,#hastags and curved interactive screen entrance. The weather and the time of day create the background “school of fish” which varies in color temperature depending on the weather. The people tracking camera measuring café occupancy provides data which controls the speed and intensity of the“school of fish”. The time of day and the live skiing results trigger “special events” depending on whether it isfika or if#hastags of #BRAVE, #DEVOTED, #TEAMPLAYER which are AFRY brand values. The interactive curved screen provides the immediate user to “play” with the lightingcontent livein the installation." - Dan Hodierne

Lighting design and programming: Light Bureau

Main controls: POET server

Location: AFRY Headquarters, Solna

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