A new landmark lights up on the skyline in Hässleholm, Sweden. This 60 m high water storage tank containing 15,000 cubic meters of water is a new sustainable solution, which will improve the production and delivery of district heating in the local area. With an aim of adding a colorful and dazzling visual effect we decided to illuminate the 14-19m long galvanized steel tubes at the top of the tank from the inside with LED spotlights. The lighting has pre-programmed scenarios for special occasions, like yellow and blue colours to mark the Swedish National Day and for New Year’s Eve the lighting will mimic fireworks. The lighting is designed to give the tank a notable visual identity during the dark hours and can easily be reprogrammed and controlled via cloud control.

Control Department was contracted to do the system design and be on site for the comissioning and programming. Together with the lighting designer we chose a DMX based system from Osram to meet the requirements in the project.

Lighting design: Light Bureau

System design: Control Dept

Fixture supplier: Rebel Light

Photographer: Thomas Johnsson

On October 7th 2020 the opening ceremony for the water storage tank took place in Hässleholm.

Hässleholm Miljö wanted to do something special for their installation.

Together with Efterklang we put together a dynamic programming in tune with the music. Click on the link to watch how it turned out.

Programming by: Control Dept.

Sound engineering by: Efterklang

Customer: Hässleholm Miljö

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