Med stor entusiasm för teknik och iver att ligga i framkant, är vi länken mellan det kreativa och det tekniska. Vi möjliggör er design, förenklar arbetet med komplicerade system och lär er gärna allt vi kan för att se till att den tekniska processen klaffar i alla led.


Brilliance Nationalmuseum

Brilliance was created to be displayed on the façade of the Sweden's Nationalmuseum building for the occasion of the Nobel Week Lights 2020. The work was a dynamic and colorful light story, inspired by past Nobel festivities and Nationalmuseum's exhibition Pär Engsheden and Sara Danius’s Nobel Gowns. The installation consisted of 84 LED profiles mounted on the windows in the museum's middle floor, on both sides of the main entrance. The lights shimmered slowly in non-figurative patterns. The aim was to convey a sense of sublime creativity and courage translated into a movement of light and colour. Brilliance shimmered like a melody, sometimes like a whisper, sometimes like a scream. A light inspiration in the winter darkness.

Brilliance is designed to be easily adaptable to different locations and forms. An earlier version of Brilliance was shown on the façade of the Göteborgs konstmuseum in connection with the city's Winter celebration in 2017.

Brilliance is the work of Aleksandra Stratimirovic
Brilliance is supported by: Osram, E:cue, Control Dept

Photo Robin Hayes

Brilliance Video HERE

Radisson Blu Scandinavia

The prime generator for the Lighting Scheme, designed by Lighting Design Collective from Madrid, is natural light. We all live and are influenced through it. The relationship of its movement across the sky sets our body clocks. Flowers crane their heads on a daily cycle to maximise its life giving benefits. Natural light is an ambient communicator giving us information about the weather, but importantly also the time of day.

Light changes in intensity, hue and saturation over the day, the Lighting Scheme exploits this natural phenomena leaving a lasting memory stain on those who use the atrium, giving it a night time character that embraces and expresses this natural change.

The system utilises the POET control system and custom made luminaires from Skandal Technologies. Together with Skandal Technologies we have supplied, integrated and programmed this amazing feature, built on the principles of ambient communication. The installation is located in the atrium's at Radisson Blu Scandinavia in Göteborg. It is truly a responsive intervention where the data from natural phenomena generate the complex compositions of colours, speed, movement and intensity of the lights. The POET also provides a cloud based content platform where the operator can generate revenue through experiential branding for their customers.

DVI to eDMX translation: Pharos VLC (supplied by Skandal Technologies)

If you want to know more about our work with ambient communication and dynamic lighting please contact us at any time.

Pictures by Peter Strömblad


A new landmark lights up on the skyline in Hässleholm, Sweden. This 60 m high water storage tank containing 15,000 cubic meters of water is a new sustainable solution, which will improve the production and delivery of district heating in the local area. With an aim of adding a colorful and dazzling visual effect we decided to illuminate the 14-19m long galvanized steel tubes at the top of the tank from the inside with LED spotlights. The lighting has pre-programmed scenarios for special occasions, like yellow and blue colours to mark the Swedish National Day and for New Year’s Eve the lighting will mimic fireworks. The lighting is designed to give the tank a notable visual identity during the dark hours and can easily be reprogrammed and controlled via cloud control.

Control Department was contracted to do the system design and be on site for the comissioning and programming. Together with the lighting designer we chose a DMX based system from Osram to meet the requirements in the project.

Lighting design: Light Bureau

System design: Control Dept

Fixture supplier: Rebel Light

Photographer: Thomas Johnsson

Museum of Copenhagen

Control Department was contracted to do the commissioning and programming of the Xicato Control system that was chosen by Fortheloveoflight due to its flexibility and its wireless nature.

The system includes approximately 500 fixtures with built in intelligence, installed across three separate floors where each light point has been carefully adjusted to meet the lighting designers vision and to help preserve the delicateartifacts and artworks on display.

Integration towards a custom AV plattform developed by No Parking was also a part of our solution in order to enable the client to change the light levels on site

Museum of Copenhagen project description

”With the overall exhibition design our ambition has been to create an environment that is welcoming and places the new Museum of Copenhagen as a space where Copenhageners and guests of the city feel at home, where their stories are told, and where the different exhibitions cultivate, move, inspire, and challenge.”  

Exhibition Architect Johan Carlsson, JAC studios

The museum’s new exhibitions are placed throughout three floors in the two wings of the original 1893 H.J.Holm building including; the ground floor housing the special exhibition area, shop, café and gallery as well as the first and second floors, with permanent exhibitions and Copenhagen panorama that tells the city’s overall history in beautiful historical surroundings.

The permanent exhibitions are arranged according to the concept of chronotop. Moving through the exhibitions with this concept, one moves through both different places and spaces in the city and through time periods that give the essence of the city in the museum as well as connects the museum to the city’s boroughs and people.  

The central staircase including stained-glass motifs by Agnes Slott-Møller is the backbone of the museum’s new exhibitions. Here a new lighting installation leads visitor up through the building with a vertical structure holding fixtures and an array of hand-blown glass discs that reflect light and guide guests through the museum.

The museum in the city – the city in the museum

1:1 casts of the city made especially for the Museum of Copenhagen

Throughout the project, JAC studios and model craftsman Steen Holdt have explored Copenhagen through physical 60cm x 60cm sections. The 1:1 physical cast sections of specific areas in the city form an introduction to each of the selected places and rooms in the permanent exhibition.

”It has been a such a journey to experience our city from completely new perspectives. Together with the model craftsman Steen Holdt we have crawled on our knees on the city hall square, dug into the ground underneath the cobblestones, climbed towers and spires, and have examined countless statues intimately. Working with exhibition design is about creating a personal connection to the story itself. In the exhibitions this relationship is literally apparent in the physical casts of the actual city made specifically for the Museum of Copenhagen.”

Exhibition Architect Johan Carlsson, JAC studios

Exhibition design: JAC Studios

Lighting design: Fortheloveoflight

System design: Control Dept.

Pictures: Adam Mørk


Frantzén was awarded Svenska Ljuspriset for best lighting design 2018

Control Dept. have designed, supplied and programmed the dynamic lighting solution for Sweden's first, and only, Michelin 3-star restaurant. Each point of light has been carefully selected by Black Ljusdesign and with subtle dynamics a perfect ambience is created to accompany you on this extra ordinary dining experience.

Main control: Philips Dynalite

Light components: Lumenetix

Control components: Eldoled, Lunatone, Okero

Custom components: Kucko

We're happy to share our experience on how to create exlusive ambience for unique experiences, always feel free to ask!

Net insight

Net insight delivers live and interactive broadcast experiences that audiences want to be part of. So when Exengo and Studio Stockholm was given the task to come up with a lighting scheme it was of course something they wanted to reflect in their design.

Kucko built the big light squares and equipped them with Lumenetix Linear modules. This gives us endles possibilities when programming. We can do 1650K - 8000K with mainting CRI90+ and SDCM2. But also a full range of saturated colours.

Control Dept. built and supplied a scalable dmx based system so it's easy to integrate new features in the future.

Main controls: Osram e:cue Sympholight

Light components: Lumenetix

Custom components: Kucko

Get in touch if you have any questions about dynamic lighting solutions, we're always happy to share some thoughts!

Afry HQ

The installation was a collaboration between Light Bureau and Sandell Sandberg where the aim was to create a “ceiling” for the café to bring the height of the 25m atrium to a more human scale.

Control Departments role was to be Skandal Technologies local partner and the system integrator on site

"Through many sketch iterations, testing material and light we settled on the form that we have to day. The main inspiration for the movement of the content was the organ and ever-changing forms of a flock of birds or school of fish. This is what lead us to use Skandal as this organic content was already part of the system.

The ever-changing impression was important because we didn’t want it to have the feeling that it was on repeat and that people would “learn” the look and feel of the installation. Therefore, we have several data inputs that we use to create the content, time of day, weather, café occupancy,#hastags and curved interactive screen entrance. The weather and the time of day create the background “school of fish” which varies in color temperature depending on the weather. The people tracking camera measuring café occupancy provides data which controls the speed and intensity of the“school of fish”. The time of day and the live skiing results trigger “special events” depending on whether it isfika or if#hastags of #BRAVE, #DEVOTED, #TEAMPLAYER which are AFRY brand values. The interactive curved screen provides the immediate user to “play” with the lightingcontent livein the installation." - Dan Hodierne

Lighting design and programming: Light Bureau

Main controls: POET server

Location: AFRY Headquarters, Solna


ÅF Lighting's design scheme for the Svindersviks bridge came with a few challenges, we needed to build a system with high security and  good reliability while maintaining smooth dynamics . Control Dept. designed and supplied a DMX system (e:cue) that we also commissioned and programmed to match the lighting design concept. The municipality of Nacka (client) can log on to the system at any time, and from any location, to easily switch between the pre-programmed scenarios.

Main control: Osram E:cue

Lighting design: ÅF Lighting

VPN components: Tosibox

If security and reliability are important to your project, check with us, we have loads of experience and good advice!


Enterspace VR Center is best described by themselves;

”Enterspace VR Center Stockholm is for everyone. We offer a complete concept where visitors can experience VR of high quality, but also eat and drink. A fun and social hub where friends and colleagues can do something completely new together, but also stay and talk about their experiences,” says Sara Strömgren, Head of Visitor Experiences at Enterspace.

In other words, Black Ljusdesign had to consider multiple aspects when designing the lighting scheme for this brand new type of experience and entertainment.

Together with Reggiani we developed a bespoke DMX track spotlight, incorporating the latest in lighting from Silicon Valley -the Lumenetix Araya LED module. This solution gave lighting designers freedom to smoothly switch between high quality dynamic white light (1650K-8000K, CRI90+), but also a full spectrum of saturated colours to totally change the ambience of the space.

The result is a full blown state of the art lighting scheme, perfectly in line with the clients ambition.

Main Control: Osram e:cue Sympholight

Lighting designer: Black ljusdesign


St Johanneskyrkan

ÅF Lighting won the honour to design a new scheme for the 100 year old church in Malmö. The original chandeliers was updated with new light sources and some new fixtures, both custom and standard, were installed.

Control Dept. designed and supplied all control equipment, programming was carried out by Oscar Bajlum at ÅF Lighting. 

Main Control: Philips Dynalite

Lighting Design: ÅF Lighting

Photo: ÅF Lighting / Lars Magnus Olsson

You don't need to by all new lighting to create a dynamic lighting solution. Ask us if you want your static light to become dynamic, we can probably help you!


Text and photos by Light Bureau, read the full story here.

Expectations were high when Oslo Concerthouse announced that they were working with several high profile tenants and well renown architects Spacegroup on the development of Røverstaden, a new house of culture in Vika at the same address as legendary Club7. The new venue would fill all three floors of the building with a wide range of offerings including a new concert venue, three bars, an art gallery, a new restaurant and office space for creatives and startups.

Light Bureau partnered with distributor Rebel Light and lighting designer Kyrre Heldal Karlsen on the project and together developed and delivered an ambitious lighting design for the venue centred around the sculptural and dynamic lighting installation nicknamed ‘Stim’, the Norwegian word for when fish are schooling, a continuous motion reacting to sound and the use of the building. The lighting installation stretches across the three floors of the space with varying density and intensity of light with the light subtly moving and pulsing from entrance to entrance but always from or towards the heart of the building, the concert venue in the basement. The lighting installation is automated for everyday use, but can be controlled directly from the light console at near the concert venue and used as an extension of the stage lighting, or programmed to suit private events taking place in the building.

Røverstaden is an ambitious project and has become an important cultural venue in Oslo that expands the breadth of culture available in the city for people across all age groups.

Main Control: Osram E:cue Sympholight

Control Components: Hofman, Moxa, Swisson

VPN Components: Tosibox

Mall of Scandinavia

Mall of Scandinavia is one of Scandinavias biggest DALI facilities with more than 18 000 DALI fixtures, and 900 sensors with daylight harvesting and presence detection. It opend in 2015 and are the second largest shopping mall in Scandinavia at 300.000 m2 and with 224 stores, 22 restaurants and a 15 screen cinema facility.

Control Department was selected by Signify as the Value Added Partner to perform service and maintanace over the next 5 years. It includes an annual health check, day to day changes and instant support on the installed Philips Dynalite lighting system.

Main control: Philips Dynalite


Asian fusion Vs Stockholm nightlife

The crew behind the legendary restaurant 'Vassa Eggen' recently opened up the doors to Stockholm's trendiest chinese joint. Lightsupport designed the lighting scheme and Control Dept. designed, supplied and programmed the dynamic lighting solution.  This restaurant lives a dynamic life, offering everything from lunches and afterworks to fine dine and clubbing - so the challenge was to create an ambience that would reflect a relevant mood to each of the daily events.

Main control: Philips Dynalite

Lighting design: Lightsupport

Control components: Eldoled

Analog components: ND Filter 

Now if you are looking for a way to get more possibilities out of a single space, ask us and we'll happily provide you some guidance!

Telia Lightpipes

For the great atrium at Telia's new HQ in Solna, Sweden, the client wanted something spectacular. Something that'd make people say; Wow!

Together with lighting designers Isabel Villar and Patsy Bellido we developed the impressive "Light Pipes" that bring both excitement (party mode) and tranquility (human centric mode) to this wonderful space.

We are controling the Lightpipes, the dynamic lights in the corridor and the "Bubbles" that are going up and down in the atrium

Lighting design: ÅF Lighting, Sweco architects

Main Control: Osram E:cue

Control components: Eldoled, Swisson, Moxa

Dynamic components: Martin VLC dots

Custom components: Kucko

White Out

When you're not there, the tunnel pulses slowly, breathes and attracts you. When you approach it, it meets you and lights up. As you leave the tunnel, it tones down and returns to its slow pulsating again.

The tunnel under Nacka station is not a pleasant place and during the coming years it will be surrounded by construction work as Nacka Stad grows. Through an art installation, using lights the tunnel is transformed into an oasis of light in the time of change.

Inka Lindergård and Niclas Lindergård are the creators and artist behind the concept.

Control Dept. supplied and comissioned a dmx based system and helped with customzing the Reggiani CELLS fixtures with dmx drivers. The dynamic loops are triggered using a sensor in each end of the tunnel.

Main controls: Osram e:cue Sympholight

Light components: Custom Reggiani CELLS

Give us a call if you have a dynamic brain child you want to realize. We are alway happy to help!


The 933-meter long Älvsborgs bridge connects the northern part of Gothenburg with the south. The bridge, with its 107-meter long pylon, was built in 1966 and has since been one of the city's most outstanding landmarks.

In 2017 the bridge got a new lighting scheme that required multiple dynamic control features. Control Dept. delivered a mix of different lighting protocols as well as programming and comissioning of the facility. The lighting systems was hand picked for its stability that the massivev construction demanded and the flexibility that the lighting design needed.

Main controls: Philips Dynalite and Osram e:cue

Lighting design: Rejlers

Electrical engineer: Rejlers